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For a long time I’ve been thinking on the idea to make the top list of sexy lingerie vendors. And as there are many interesting panties on Ali I’ve thought I could make it easily. I wish I was right. May be there are lots of items indeed, however it’s really hard to find shops that have good ratings and specialize only on sexy underwear. I had to expand my search to select the sellers at least close to the thematic list.

The only sellers with more than 500 sales and the rate up to 97,5% are included in this list. The rank in the Top list is built on those two parameters.

9. Comeondear Julias Store

Good diversity of cheap intimate lingerie. Pretty outfits and good prices won’t let you leave the shop with no purchase.

8. Yomiga

Their products could be split into two parts. One half represents casual underwear and another includes really juicy stuff that arouse man’s mind.

7. Vincent’s stores

Oh yes! This shop is a real deal for those of you who like role-play games. If you do like spicy in relations, you must visit this place. By the way, girls, here you can dress up your man as well.

6. janecomeonlover Store

Off with all complexes and stereotypes! Plus size ladies also can be a bloody sexy. Look how pretty those outfits are! What a form! They look really cool! Thin girls don’t worry they have your sizes too.

5. iiniim Official Store

Another shop that can offer you good prices for beautiful erotic lingerie. Unfortunately it’s not the only shops’ specialization but there’s plenty more to choose from.

4. HollyNight Store

Your man will definitely enjoy this shop diversity. Their product is a dream for those who have vivid sexual imagination. You can choose the outfits together. It could be both funny and really useful.

3. MERRY Store

It’s hard to call there items underwear however their products lie within the topic. If you’re looking for something simple and cheap then follow this link. You’ll definitely choose something.

2. Avidlove Sexy Adult Store

Good variety is available there. Plus size ladies can also find something satisfying them. A lot of different bodies that bring you at your best.

1. IOOI Store

Here you may purchase very nice lingerie with an erotic hint. Despite they also sell casual panties most of their items are unbelievably defiant and sexy.